Interior designer, linguist, and general fixer for HNWIs Sartori fashioned her romantic studio in the solitude of the Welsh countryside.

Sartori's unusual opportunity for world travel and exotic locations shaped her style and fuels her imagination. Her techniques and inspiration come from accumulated treasures from these travels, as well as from an inherited collection of rare antiquities.


Prolific and multitalented, Sartori describes her career with the passion that drives each day. 'Colours get me up in the morning'


Sartori does not believe in specialization, but in excelling at every diverse challenge; her creative consultancy is only part of her occupation.

‘Truly creative and brilliant people do not specialize, they expand their knowledge on their life path. Specialization is something that happens organically as persons mature, and it is right that older persons should be respected and honoured as specialists since on them is bestowed the honour of many years' experience.’ .

‘Let me know when I become old, and I will tell you when I become a specialist:-breadth, not depth is the way forward, only then will I stop learning and experimenting.'  She quips.

There is a seasonality to her work which transcends mood. In the summer, Sartori's work turns brighter, more fluid, but returns to the dark and exotic themes during the colder months. One’s surroundings affect Art, and Art reflects surroundings.  Cyclical, circumventive, introspective; the thought processes of each work highlight the romantic nature of Sartori’s spirit, and a nostalgic yearning for the beauty of a bygone era.
Indeed, while most of her paintings include references to the Middle, Far East & Northern Africa, the diverse scope of techniques, materials and styles make Sartori's art difficult to describe. Sartori works mostly in oils in the manner of the old masters but will tackle any medium in her hands at the time the spark strikes. I will organize millionaires to match their spirit and clay  and paint to match theirs
Multitalented Sartori has designed from jewellery for the stars at Gail Schwartz in the Carlton Centre, Johannesburg, as well as executed full-size sculptures with Anton Smit for BMW. She curated at the Venice, Sao Paolo, and Africus Biennales and assistant to the Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of Argentina in South Africa as well as collaborated in countless professional art workshops and international sculpture symposiums. 
A storyteller and writer in several languages, the stories told in these paintings evoke far more than a fairytale- They are the tongue in cheek relation of the more mundane aspects of the story of the Great Game, initiated by Alexander the Great and one which still goes on today. Visiting the Persian markets and peering into the day to day lives of these ancient peoples, heed us towards tolerance and enthusiasm in the otherness of Spirit, and amalgamating the Other into the One.

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