In thinking about my own spiritual journey, I thought how do I align with God’s will, if it is God’s will that I should serve, since I know being a servant is not fun, it is better to be the boss. But then a voice said- A servant serves, but you are being given the opportunity to be of God’s family, a child of God. Who does not serve in the sense of scrubbing floors, but serves in the sense of bringing the Father a Cup of tea, and for this He gives you EVERYTHING. So God, I ask how do I align when your energy is so perfect. How do I do your will when my will is free? How do I reach perfection while being imperfect? SO the answer was simple: Align your will with God’s Will, so that when you exercise your own free will, it is exactly the same as The Father’s, so that you both act in unison, and his is yours, as yours is His. That is what family does; they act in unison. The Father’s will becomes your own. You do not lose your free will, it is just that you chose to exercise your freedom in the Light of God’s perfection, and so it becomes ONE.

God’s energy looks like a Spoon, a three dimensional comma, which when packed in the cutlery drawer of timelessness, our wills should align as spoons, neatly packed, separate, yet aligned.

God’s energy is the shape of a shepherd’s crook. It leads and guides us. This was what Jesus meant by the analogy of the sheep and the shepherd. But more than that. It is shaped like a staff. Rather than a curved head, it has a square head to strongly lead and punish, if necessary. It is shaped like a Jewish letter, like an arm of the letter ‘m’

But more than this it is shaped like a comma, like slice of an apple, where we are tissue thin slices all together and forming a whole. The Divine shapes in nature teach us that all fruits can be divided in this way, in a circular fashion, and just as we were cut from the Holy Father and divided from Him in order to come and experience duality on earth, the fruit of His creation was sliced, and the fruit bleeds its precious nourishment until we can become whole with Him again. We are slices of the same Fruit which is God.

God’s energy is shaped like a comma, a pause, a hiatus between the longing and the expectation, the past and the future in a sentence. It is the NOW, the pause, between the reflection and the anticipation. It is the focus, as we should be focused upon God, every moment, as we are being given life force continually, as a water pipe from far away- About 300 meters in the air above our heads, to the right. That is where God resides. And to get there try to align your thoughts and deeds as spoons in a drawer whilst surrendering to a perfectly shaped will that is shaped like God’s will, and go through a sieve of flesh and bone and pain that you need not suffer, and His name is Jesus. And through the veil of the Christ light we find ourselves at the feet of God, in awe and wonder and humility, and the ego says- I can’t do this, it’s too difficult. So before in an instant you get expulsed back by some centrifugal force quite violently and then gently withdrawing the 300 metres and fading in brilliance and you are back- In this beautiful world and existence we call earth, and body and colours and scents.- Which by comparison seems like a void colourless without His presence. So we search again, and vow this time to not let our doubt of our own inadequacies get in the way, because I was shown that it is not God’s Will that allows us to stay or leave, but the Christ Light that repairs our energy to allow us to remain in His Holy presence.



I was shown Hebrew letters like an ‘r’ in reverse.  Like arms of the letter ‘m’ but fractured 3 times.

It was the ohm of the Buddhists in sound, but visual. Where the ‘o’ part of the sound was a plate spinning to support the ‘m’ sound and as it began reverberating in space, the m broke and the three arms of the m became like the staffs that I described above and aligned themselves in a circular fashion, like the slices of apple, and spun in a beautiful sound, which was not like music, but also was.


I saw the comma again, with a yes sound without the s, just the y. I saw that Hebrew letter, and since I do not speak Hebrew, I later  looked it up:
It again looked like the square staff: There are a few letters that look like this, so I meditated on this again, and I saw clearly which one it was.Not Dalet, Not Resh, It was Vav, and the comma was Yod. I was being shown YV. ‘Yahweh’- I was being shown God’s name. I am so overwhelmed with Love and devotion, and I am just me, so I am not the devout Christian I aim to become, nor am I an overwhelming evangelizer- The type we don’t like to associate with, because frankly they’re a pain. But I, little old me, was being shown God’s name and that I am a splinter of God’s staff, His family, and when Jesus spoke of God as being the father, I felt that precise energy of my father- (when he was being kind and stern at the same time.)

What I wish for all humanity is to be able to feel this energy, because it feels truly wonderful. And it all starts with staring into the void, the blackness of a night sky on a sleepless night, at the comma.


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