Sculpture & Decorative Art

Andrea Sartori decorative art is now available. Taken from the original painting; each print is hand  pulled in limited  editions via different graphic methods and printed on high quality testured paper.

Because there are only 50 to 100 prints of each original, these are highly desirable, but much more affordable than the original painting. 


The decorative art range is created using high quality German cold pressed rag paper, numbered and signed by the artist and a certificate of authenticity is attached to each of these works.


There are two ranges of each decorative line: the more affordable giclee prints (pronounced shee-klay), a high quality, machine printed process,  and the lithographic processes, which differ from print to painting, whether hand etched, photo-etched or silkscreened. Because these are hand pulled and originally printed by the artist, each 'print' has a different, unmistakable look and  feel, even while the source image is the same, and are valued as original graphic works, and are signed by the artist's own hand.

The lower the number in the series, the more valuable the graphic print. Graphic Print runs are rarely larger than 100 prints, which ensures exclusivity and the quality of a pristine nearest to plate original. Each original print carries with it a card bearing its provenance as well as a small thumbnail image of the 'Cancellation Print'. This guarantees that the source plate has been destroyed and no further prints can be made from this particular plate, potentially devaluing your investment.


The total number of pulls in your edition is guaranteed and each print bears the Sartori Seal embossed as part of the original artistic process. Original pen and ink drawings normally get reproduced via the etching method, and colourful paintings get silkscreened by hand at the Hereford studio by the artist.

There are  number of items also available which are in this affordable category, including glass plate slumps, which are thick slabs of venetian glass slumped in the studio kiln and to which the black and white image from an original pen and ink drawing has been forged. Surprisingly, the small marks and indentations of the original are transferred with the utmost delicacy, and are a joyous, tactile object to have and to hold.



There is a variation on artwork depending on run range, size finish and original.

Each thumnail picture will take you the complete image, and detailed prices and guidance to acquire your very own artwork.


Now you can afford 'one of each' or make a statement wall with many, since these editions, framed or unframed,  are highly desirable, and affordable.

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