Investment Art

A high-value investment is the stuff dreams and dynasties are made of. Traditionally and painstakingly originated with the best materials. To enjoy and pass on to future generations, safe in the knowledge that beauty and the joy of a life well lived is money well spent.

Carefully handpainted and executed by the artist's own hand, as in the days of the old masters. No studio assistants are used in the process, hence this time intensive item , taking from several hundred to a few thousand hours to complete,  is true of museum quality and a treasured heirloom to be displayed in the best homes throughout the world.

Schehezerade, from the orientalist body of work- Arabian Nights

Original Art must be suited not only to one's interior, but also to one's personality and heart.


If you are interested in investing in a Sartori original ,please drop me a line via the contact page and I will  oversee the necessary that comes with acquiring original high end art, but also the after sales that comes with knowing each of my clients personally, which may range from complimentary prints provided for insurance purposes and a personalized hanging and decorating service suited to give the  pieces the best new home and environment as my clients and my artwork deserve. As a professional interior designer, Ms Sartori will liaise with your own interior designer if required to showcase the work to best effect, and if necessary the installation of larger pieces.


All investment art come with a certificate of originality and proof of provenance for future generations

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